Homework Tips

Homework Tips

Set a good example

Children need to know that the adults in the house think homework is important. If they see that you value education and homework, they are more likely to consider it a priority, too.

Set a regular time

Identify a specific time each day to sit down and get homework done. Usually, earlier is better as kids lose focus and energy in the evening.

Pick a place
Make sure your host kids have a quiet place to concentrate and spread out. Ask them to help organize and decorate their homework area if they wish.

Remove distractions
Turn off the tv and radio, put cell phones away and shut off the X-box. Giving children a quiet environment to work in is important.

Monitor assignments
Make sure you know what homework your host kids are responsible for turning in and when it’s due.

Provide guidance
Providing guidance means: 1. make sure your host children have all the information they need to get their homework done; 2. be there to explain instructions/words/formulas they don’t understand; 3. check their work once they are finished.



Caregivers of children allowed to return to work under level 4 regulations from the 1st May - Essential Service Permits are required.