What are the duties of an Au pair?

Applicable to Morning/Full day positions:

  • Get children up and ready in the morning
  • Prepare breakfast for the children
  • Pack lunches for the children
  • Take children to school

Applicable to Afternoon positions:

  • Fetching the children from school
  • Transporting the children to extra murals, therapies, doctor’s appointments etc.
  • Prepare lunch/snacks for the children:
  • Supervising and assisting with homework
  • Liaising with teachers, coaches and therapists on the parents’ behalf
  • Arranging and supervising play dates, take children on outings:
  • Purchasing necessities for, and assisting with, projects and assignments
  • Running errands for the family,
  • Grocery shopping on the family’s behalf
  • Engaging in intellectually stimulating play and activities with the children
  • Preparation of meals for the children
  • Bath the children (age appropriate)
  • Babysitting and weekend work by prior arrangement
  • Providing nurturance, care and companionship for the children
  • Travel with family (if the au pair is happy to do so)
  • Stay in occasionally (if the au pair is happy to do so)




Caregivers of children allowed to return to work under level 4 regulations from the 1st May - Essential Service Permits are required.